We're not the church that you endured through as a kid.  And because Jesus isn't about religion and rules we aren't either. We think Jesus is more radical and his message more compelling than you've ever thought.


"We are a Neighborhood Church that is deeply invested in our Jackson Neighborhood.  If the church vanished from the neighborhood overnight, we would want people to say, “We miss them.  They were part of us.” 

by Joe White (Neighbor, Jackson Neighborhood)


What's this really all about?

We think the church needs to get entangled with the neighborhood.  We think the church needs to love it local and invite imagination for how to announce Jesus' incredible message.  We think church is about family and local community -- our church isn't above our neighborhood, we are a church of our neighborhood.  We think the the church is the incarnate faithful presence of Jesus and called to demonstrate the gospel by serving the 923 homes of Jackson. And we think the church is called to dwell beside our neighbors because that's what Jesus did for us.  

If you’ve disentangled yourself from a sense of place or neighbourhood or haven’t been present to your neighbors to begin with....get entangled with us. You’ll love it here. The arc of Scripture says, “get entangled.
— Neighborhood Church

Sundays  4-5:15pm

Jackson Elementary - 3750 E. Platt Ave, Fresno, CA 93702