Christmas in the Jackson Neighborhood

The Jackson Neighborhood is 8 blocks by 12 blocks and 923 homes from First to Cedar, Tulare to Ventura. We want to warmly invite you to join us for any of our 4 gatherings during the Christmas season. Most of us who attend Neighborhood Church live in the Jackson Neighborhood. We’d love to connect you to your neighbors!

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Is Neighborhood Church a Christian church? Yes! Take a look through our website and learn about what we teach.

Is there childcare? Yes! We have an incredible children’s ministry where your children will be safe and learn about Jesus.

Is there Spanish translation? We sing in both Spanish and English but the sermon will be in English.

Do I need to dress up? No! We are a casual church.

Is it OK if I am a Catholic? Yes! Many of us grew up catholic and our church is about Protestants and Catholics worshiping together.

What will the sermons be about if I come? Our Christmas series is entitled, “Found: Finding myself in the Christmas Story.” It’s about when Jesus was born, he was not to be found in the familiar or the comfortable. Instead, he chose to be found with marginalized neighbors, the poor, the estranged, the broken, sinners, the lost, and the corrupt. He chose to make them his true family. Christmas for Jesus was never just about the family he already had, it was always about the family he would make his own! Christmas is about Jesus finding people who are feel far from Him.