"Get connected to what is happening in the Jackson Neighborhood throughout the week.  Ministry Initiatives are community led initiatives in the Jackson Neighborhood which creatively arise out of 8 christian community development principles.  We don't do anything unless we understand how what we do functions to enhance these 8 ingredients."  - Pastor Joe

Relocation (Relocaters, Returners and Remainers intentionally investing in a neighborhood).

MyEIGHT challenge

This is an initiative of Neighborhood Church and challenges you to know the names of the 8 neighbors who live around you.  You are challenged to wear a bracelet that says "myEIGHT" to remind you to get to know your neighbors and can take it off only when you know all their names!  Pick up your myEIGHT bracelet at Church on Sunday

Contact: loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Relocator Movement

Relocation is a key component of Christian Community Development.  To relocate would be to move from another part of the city into the Jackson Neighborhood with a mission to love your neighbors and seek the economic, social, and spiritual wellbeing of the Jackson Neighborhood.  Currently there are 4 families which have chosen to do this in the last 4 years.  Join us!

Contact:  loveitlocal@neighborhodchurchfresno.com

Reconciliation (bringing people together across racial and socio-economic divides).

Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP)

Alongside our ministry partner (VORP) we have innovated a program at Roosevelt High School.  VORP brings victims and offenders together in safe mediation or family group conference setting to permit the offender to take responsibility for his or her actions, to make things as right as possible with the victim, and to be clear about future intentions. We then follow up to ensure that agreements are kept. If you'd like to get involved in our VORP program, get in touch!

Contact:  gos@fpu.edu

Teens Bible Study

Each Wednesday morning a Roosevelt students gather to study scripture and pray before school.  

Contact:  gos@fpu.edu

Community Groups

Join a weekday community group.  Community groups meet in homes and are a great way to connect to neighbors and grow as a follower of Jesus.

Contact:  loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Jackson Neighborhood Prayer Network

Prayer walk through the neighborhood with 3 pastors representing three churches in the Jackson Neighborhood. 

Contact: Joe White - joe@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Saturday Sports

Saturday Sports is a two-hour program held throughout the year, that engages volunteers in a group mentoring setting with students, giving them the opportunity to do something positive and fun in the Jackson Neighborhood.

Contact: Terry Rios - jackson.neighborhood.ministry@gmail.com

Love it Local Events

Throughout the year we host block parties, neighborhood ted talks, and provide courses designed to equip you to live up to your human potential.  If you'd like to join the Love it Local event team or have an idea of something we could do.  Let us know! 

Contact: loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Guerrilla Gardeners

Throughout the year roque gardeners come together and find common space in the neighborhood to inhabit with beauty.  They take common space and together create beautiful spaces filled with flora and food.  

Contact: loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Good News Club

Each week after school at Jackson Elementary, trained volunteers present an exciting Bible lesson using colorful materials. This action-packed time also includes songs, Scripture memory, a missions story and review games or other activities focused on the lesson's theme.

Contact: Heidi White - Heidi@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Redistribution (helping people help themselves by utilizing their skills & resources to address problems).

Social Entrepreneurship Development

We aim to start businesses to employ neighbors with barriers to employment.  Our businesses have a triple bottom line -- They are environmentally sustainable, profitable, and address a specific need in our neighborhood.  

Contact: Nathan Sweaney sweanynathan@gmail.com

Volunteering @ Jackson Elementary

Volunteers assist in classrooms helping the teacher in a variety of different ways including reading children, running in-class learning activities, and provide supervision during recess.  

Contact: Cesar Rios - jackson.neighborhood.ministry@gmail.com

Volunteering @ Roosevelt High school

Volunteers assist coaching water polo & swimming.

Contact: Lawrence Smith - lawrence@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Jackson Neighborhood Serve Day

Once a month, neighbors come together to serve the Jackson Neighborhood in a practical way.  In 2016 we are cleaning all the debris from the neighborhood's alleys.  

Contact: Joe White - joe@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Jackson Neighborhood Pole Painting Project

Once a month, neighbors come together to sand, primer, and pain the Jackson Neighborhood's beautiful lamp pole.  We are giving these amazing poles a new lease on life!  Join us! 

Contact: Jameson White - jameson.glenn.white@gmail.com

Leadership development (raising up indigenous leaders from the community).

The Jackson House

We are in the middle of launching The Jackson House (TJH). TJH will be part of the Association of Ministry Houses- a collaboration between three ministry house projects in Fresno: The Pink House (FIFUL), Micah Project (North Fresno Church), and Casa Shalom (The Bridge Church). Students who are accepted into our ministry house programs will commit to ten months (Aug to June) living in one of these intentional communities, engaging urban leadership in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty in Fresno, California. The houses are distinct but cross-polinate in curricular activities in order to create synergy for the next generation of young leaders.The core values of our ministry are Biblical CommunityUrban Ministry, and Leadership Development. (click here for more on our values). 

Contact: Joe White & Jeff Harrington joe@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com & jeffharrington@nhclife.org


Set Apart Squad is the youth ministry of Neighborhood Church.  Want to volunteer and help make life-long followers of Jesus among the Jackson Neighborhood's next generation? 

Contact: Grace Spencer & Mitchell Redondo - gos@fpu.edu or mjr9@fpu.edu

COMMITMENT to listening to the community (not assuming you have all the answers or the resources)

Leader Plan

members of Neighborhod church commit to striving to employ the LEADER plan into their lives.  Doing this helps them know and listen to their neighbors and report the stories that are emerging.

Contact: loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Asset Mapping

Neighborhood Church has done extensive work to understand all the demographics and assets in the Jackson Neighborhood.  Asset-based-community development is our passion.  Take the work we've done and join a team of people who are developing something called...."the Skills Book".  This is a book which hosts all the assets in the Jackson Neighborhood.

Contact: loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Being church based (becoming a supportive spiritual community in the neighborhood).


SHAPE is our Neighborhood's daily devotional guide that helps us listen to Jesus every day.  Pick one up this coming Sunday at Neighborhood Church and join our us as we read through the bible and hear God's voice.  

Contact: Melanie Smith


Sunday Worship Gathering

We gather every Sunday at 9am @ Jackson Elementary.  Our church service aims to provide biblical preaching and worship and be an engaging environment to connect with neighbors.  Our aim is to help you become a life-long follower of Jesus.  Some of us are catholic, some of us are curious about christianity, and some of us are experienced followers of Jesus.  

Contact: lawerence@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Community Groups

Join a weekday community group.  Community groups meet in homes and are a great way to connect to neighbors and grow as a follower of Jesus. 

Contact:  loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Sunday Service Volunteer Team

A group of volunteers help set-up & tear-down our weekly service and serve in our hospitality team.

Contact: Lawrence Smith - Lawrence@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com

Holistic ministry (ministering to the whole person-spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.).

Care Fresno

We partner with a local church, House of the Gospel to provide daily after-school tutoring, mentoring and sports programs for youth in the Jackson Neighborhood.

Contact: Alex Ivno - sanyaiv@yahoo.com

Empowerment (Not fostering dependence but allowing people to flourish from our humility and generosity).

The Jackson Workshop

Every Friday at 3pm, a group of neighborhood kids gather at the The Jackson Workshop.  This is a fully renovated workshop that aims to teach kids job-transferable skills like welding and woodworking.  We make projects together, learn skills under experienced mentors, and sell projects as a way to teach financial stewardship.    

Contact:  joe@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com