At Neighborhood Church, we aim to challenge and equip you to live like Jesus and teach others how to as well.  Our discipleship strategy is going to help you become an incredible neighbor.

We are going to call you to apply 6 practices that will shape your life and help you grow as a Christian.

We base this on Luke 10, Jesus’ own disciple making strategy.  We call these 6 practices of a disciple making LEADER – someone who is living like Jesus and leading others to live like Jesus also. 

L- Listen to Jesus daily

E- Eat with neighbors

A- Accept the call to be on mission

D- Demonstrate the gospel through speech and action

E- Experience Sabbath weekly

R- Report stories of Jesus’ power

At Neighborhood Church, we will equip you to apply these 6 practices (Eph. 4:4).  That’s our commitment to you.