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Where does Neighborhood Church meet and when?

Neighborhood Church meets at Jackson Elementary School on Sundays from 4-5:15pm.

What time should I arrive on a Sunday?

While we officially start at 4pm feel free to come around 3:45 to enjoy our love it local treats and art made by local artists as well as to chat with your neighbors.

Is Neighborhood Church a place I can bring my children?

Yes! On a Sunday children will be in the service for the first 10 minutes before they are dismissed to Kids Church with our Pastor to Children and Families and incredible Kids Church team.

Can I come even if I don't live in the Jackson Neighborhood?

While Neighborhood has a focus on the people living in the Jackson Neighborhood, anyone interested in learning about Jesus and how to love their neighbor is welcome to come to our Sunday gathering.  Our church is going to INSPIRE you to love your neighbors and seek the wellbeing of the neighborhood you represent.  

What is the Jackson Neighborhood?

We are a neighborhood of 923 homes.  Our neighborhood is First to Cedar, Tulare to Kings Canyon - 12 blocks by 8 blocks.  We see our neighborhood as a geographical area of spiritual responsibility.  So whether or not people come to our stuff or not, our neighbors are our responsibility.  

How can I get involved in Neighborhood Church?

The first step to getting involved in Neighborhood Church is by contacting us. You can email us at loveitlocal@neighborhoodchurchfresno.com or come on a Sunday evening to Jackson Elementary for our evening service and talk to one of our leaders


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